• Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes. More and more plastic packaging (like our pots, lids + labels) is now accepted by household recycling schemes. Collection of these bits and pieces does vary across the country though, so please do check with your council first (www.recyclenow.com).

  • How do I go about recycling the pots?

    Give the pot/lid a quick rinse, to make sure it’s clean.
    If you can, squash the pot/lid (or just stack them), to save space in your recycling bin.
    Find out where and when your recycling will be collected, on your local council’s website.

    Top tip – if your council doesn’t accept plastic pots as part of its household recycling scheme, you can use them as freezer-proof food storage (great for homemade soups and stews), or even as plant pots!

  • I find your pots difficult to open – is there an easier way to get into them?

    The easiest way to open our products is to find the opening tab on the rim of the pot (to the left of the ‘open here’ arrow) + pull the tab upwards using your thumb.
    The tab will break easily, exposing a section of the lid which can then be lifted up to open the pot.
    Some customers may find this difficult, particularly if they have restricted mobility in their hands. If this is the case, we recommend using a kitchen multi opener. It’ll be worth it once you tuck in!

  • Can your soups be eaten cold?

    Our soups can be eaten cold, as we’ve already cooked them for you – but we think they taste much better if you heat them up.