Only Organic Will Do

At Tideford, we take our name seriously. That’s why if it’s not organic, it’s not in the pot. From our kitchens in the heart of Devon, we’ve been making deliciously organic soups for over 25 years. Everything carries the Soil Association seal of approval too. So, whenever you see the symbol, you know it’s organic.

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Veggie Love

Our recipes are not just organic and gluten free – they’re also 100% plant only, vegan friendly. We took our love of organic fruits and veggies a step further and made sure they’re the only thing you’ll find in the pot.

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Nobody Likes Being Left Out

That’s why everything we make is free from meat, dairy, nuts and gluten – so whatever they’re after, no one’s excluded.

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If you skip just one burger you’ll have saved enough energy to charge your iPhone for 4.5 years!

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