The tide has turned

Having cooked organic gluten-free food for over 20 years, we’ve decided to take our love of veggies to the next level.
We’re now totally, deliciously vegan.

So we’ve got a completely different look – and new and improved recipes, too.

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Small changes, big difference

We’d love to show you just how delicious veggies can be, making it even simpler (and more exciting) for you to eat more of them and less of the other, becoming that bit more flexitarian. So we’ve come up with lots of products + recipes to help you get more veg into your diet.

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

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Nobody likes being left out

That’s why everything we make is free from meat, dairy, nuts and gluten – so whatever they’re after, no one’s excluded.

We’re starting a plant party with our unique range of soups, sauces, pestos and misos – and we’d love you to join!

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We’ve lost the chicken!

our Farmhouse Chicken Soup was legendary…the result, a country vegetable soup that’s even better than it’s predecessor.

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Everything we make is…

  • Gluten free
  • Meat free
  • Nut free
  • Organic
  • Wheat free
  • Dairy free

We’ve gone vegan!

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If you skip just one burger you’ll have saved enough energy to charge your iPhone for 4.5 years!

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