Vegan Miso Butterscotch Sauce


Vegan Miso Butterscotch Sauce

Posted on 9th December 2019

Sticky, sweet and sumptuous this quick and easy butterscotch sauce is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite Christmas pudding of choice.


1. Start by mixing together the miso and plant-based spread (or oil if using) until combined, then place in a small saucepan and heat until melted together.

2. Add the brown sugar and heat gently until it bubbles. Continue to heat for 3 minutes while stirring frequently.

3. In a separate bowl add the vanilla extract and oat milk to the cornflour and mix, then carefully add this to the saucepan and stir well.

4. Bring to a low simmer and once finished serve warm as a sauce or a dip with your favourite Christmas dessert.