World Vegan Month

Posted on 1st November 2018

This November we’re excited to be celebrating our second vegan year, + to celebrate World Vegan Month we’ve collected our top 5 favourite tips + tricks for making your plant-based meals simply the best.

Beloved beans

We love Jack Monroe’s top swaps for meat: kidney beans + black beans are perfect in place of beef in chillis + curries, whilst butter beans are great instead of chicken in soups + stews.

Eating out?

It can be daunting heading out to eat, particularly if you’re travelling + still want to find good vegan food to fuel all that sightseeing. The good news is that so many restaurants + cafes now cater for a range of diets - try The Happy Cow for listings + reviews in cities all over the world.

Fighting fit

As winter draws nearer we’re all about fighting off colds, + not just with a trusty orange. Our new Winter Greens Soup is a source of Vitamin C, thanks to handfuls of organic spinach. It’s also a source of protein, perfect if you’re hitting the gym as the days get shorter (we salute you!).

All the peanut butter

If like us you’re always looking for an excuse to eat more of this delicious goodness, look no further! Nut butters bring essential protein, fibre + healthy fats to your diet. These Peanut Butter + Flaxseed Pancakes get extra points for including heart-loving Omega-3 essential acids + making breakfast taste great.

Feeling the beet

Our Beetroot + Curly Kale Soup is back with a bang for 2018, now with added British Organic Quinoa. Not only is this soup’s vibrant purple hue on trend (Ultra Violet was Pantone’s colour of 2018) it’s a powerhouse vegetable, containing fibre, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, Vitamin C + nitrates for improved blood flow. Coupled with quinoa, which contains all nine essential amino acids, this recipe’s a great addition to your World Vegan Month.