Watching out for wildlife

Watching out for wildlife

Posted on 11th October 2018

We love Autumn, especially seeing the leaves turn red + gold, or waking up to a crisp, cold sunny blue sky.

But as temperatures drop + we turn to cosy jumpers + comforting food (hello soups!) the wildlife in your garden, on your street or even sneaking into your house might need a helping hand too.

Keep it untidy

If you’ve got a garden, don’t tidy up too much. Fallen leaves, areas of longer grass, a small pile of logs - they all provide food or homes for insects, birds, bees, toads + hedgehogs. Decomposing logs will also start to grow mushrooms, nature’s way of recycling wood + returning it to the soil.

Feed the birds

Birds are incredibly busy at this time of year + can struggle to get enough food. Help out by making up a batch of treats to put in a bird feeder, or hang from a tree. The recipe here is a great start. You can also scatter overripe fruit on the ground, thrushes + blackbirds will come flocking!

Hydration stations

Set out a shallow dish of clean water at ground level - perfect for thirsty hedgehogs + other garden wildlife in search of a drink. Keep any bird baths clean + topped up. If you’ve found a sick or injured hedgehog find out more about how to help here.

Happy re-homing

You might find a dormant butterfly or ladybird resting in a quiet corner - central heating can confuse them into thinking spring is here too early, so it’s best to keep them cool. If you can, gently re-home them in an unheated shed or outhouse.

Keep Looking

If you don’t have a garden but want to enjoy some autumn wildlife spotting, or just feel some leaves crunch underfoot, there are loads of options. The Bat Conservation Trust list local events including bat-spotting walks. Dust off your bike + try one of these great routes for nature spotting on the National Cycle Network. The London Wildlife Trust has beautiful places to visit + surveys you can take part in to make sure we all look after our wintering wildlife.