Posted on 17th December 2018

They say good things come in threes + as this is Tideford’s third year as an exclusive sponsor of Veganuary we’re predicting big things!

Last year over 160,000 people took part in the ground-breaking campaign that inspires people all around the world to try vegan for January. It’s for everyone: vegetarians, flexitarians, carnivores – anyone who wants to reduce their environmental footprint + start the year with a super-healthy new way of eating.

If you’re a little plant-curious + fancy a fun challenge with loads of support, recipes, competitions + more, sign up here now. From warming winter breakfast ideas to answering burning questions like Where Can I Find a Vegan Birthday Cake? they’ve got you covered.

If you’ve already started your Veganuary journey or just fancy topping up your vegan knowledge, we’ve pulled together our top tips for not just surviving but thriving this month:


We know not every night will be a three course vegan extravaganza. When you’re home late from work, drenched by a January shower with a very empty fridge, the So Vegan In 5 cookbook has got your back with +100 recipes using just 5 ingredients.


Make sure you’re protected against January’s chilly weather – we’ve got our eye on this beauty from vegan + organic clothing brand Uncaptive. Then try our new warming Winter Greens Soup for lunch – it’s a source of Vitamin C, great for fighting off colds. Now available at select Sainsbury’s stores – find the nearest one to you here.


Trying a vegan diet might mean you feel more energetic than usual this month. For inspiration with a healthy dose of tasty vegan food we love The Planet Powered PT + Naturally Stefanie. Then for a protein-packed post-workout meal check out our collaboration with Pulsin here.


A vegan diet is best when it’s varied – fruit, veg, beans, pulses, nuts, seeds + plant proteins – plus the odd treat or two. If you fancy a meal out, try Happy Cow for the low down on vegan restaurants near you.