The UK’s first organic FODMAP-friendly soup

Posted on 31st August 2017

At Tideford we’re always looking for new ways to bring delicious and healthy food to as many of you as possible. That’s why this September we’re launching the first ever organic FODMAP-friendly soup to be accredited in the UK.

Our Tomato + Basil Soup with Red Peppers + Miso is just like the rest of our range; organic, vegan, gluten-free and with no added sugar, making it a tasty option that’s good for everyone.

But anyone living with IBS may be especially interested to get their hands on it. IBS is a chronic condition that affects many people; if you struggle with ongoing digestive symptoms you’re not alone! It’s thought to affect up to 1 in 5 people at some point, causing abdominal pain, inconsistent or excessive bowel movements, and even psychological symptoms like anxiety or depression.

But what if there was a change you could make to your diet that could help? Recent research has focused on a large group of dietary sugars called FODMAPS. Known as the Low FODMAP Diet, it’s been seen to reduce many common IBS symptoms in up to 75% of patients.

And here’s the really good news: our Tomato + Basil soup is accredited as FODMAP-friendly, and you can eat it during any stage of your IBS journey. Packed with Vitamin C, it’s a delicious combination of Italian tomatoes and red peppers with a dash of indulgent coconut cream.

What are FODMAPs, and how does the diet work?

FODMAPs are short-chain carbohydrates and sugars found in some popular foods (e.g. onions, cow’s milk, gluten, honey) that researchers now believe are responsible for many of the uncomfortable and often debilitating symptoms of IBS. A low-FODMAP diet can ease these symptoms, letting sufferers identify which foods trigger their IBS.

A low FODMAP diet is not designed to be long term, and for many people the quantity of certain FODMAP foods eaten is just as important - often a small amount of certain foods may be safe. And a meal with several high FODMAP foods may be problematic although the individual foods on their own may be tolerated. For these reasons it may take a while to identify your particular trigger foods. Because this diet restricts many different types of foods it is recommended you follow a Low FODMAP diet under supervision of a qualified nutritional practitioner or dietician.

It’s also important to make sure your gut has enough friendly bacteria, so try and include fermented foods like raw miso, lactose free yogurt or kefir. Check out our range of unpasteurised, organic miso pastes here, from our light Soya-Free Miso to the delicious Brown Rice Miso.

With thanks to Christine Bailey – you can find her eBook full of vegan-friendly and FODMAP-friendly recipes here.