That Health Ninja: Ginger

That Health Ninja: Ginger

Posted on 30th August 2016

We do love a bit of ginger, with its fiery kick and signature pizazz. A member of the Zingiberaceae family (which might explain its wonderful zinginess), it's closely related to some of the tastiest spices out there: turmeric, cardamom and galangal.

You'll find it cropping up in all sorts of healthy meals and juices, due to its numerous health benefits. Why's it so good for you? Well, because gingerol is its main bioactive compound.

What can ginger help with?

  1. Gingerol is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and is traditionally used to prevent nausea. That's why people often eat ginger biscuits on rocky car journeys, or drink ginger tea to settle their stomachs.
  2. It's also an anti-inflammatory – studies suggest it may help reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis, menstrual pain and joint pain.
  3. On top of this, people find ginger can be brilliant at helping to relieve indigestion – try seeping root ginger slices in warm water with lemon and enjoy as a daily drink.

TOP TIP: if you need to peel your root ginger, do it with a teaspoon (not a knife) – this will help you save as much of the flesh as possible.

We've popped a good grating of fresh ginger in lots of our recipes, including our Sweet Potato, Ginger + Black Onion Seed Soup