Posted on 10th October 2022

We’re delighted to launch three new uncompromisingly delicious soups to warm you up this winter, full of the finest organic, plant only ingredients.

Butternut + Sage Soup

We've paired the classic flavours of butternut squash and sage to create this vibrant and wholesome soup. Blended butterbeans provide creaminess.

Indian Cauliflower Masala Soup

This curried soup has a sweet and creamy masala base, bursting with chunks of cauliflower and red pepper, together with a warming heat from its complex blend of aromatic spices.

Lebanese Lentil + Kale Soup

Our take on a traditional Lebanese lentil soup recipe packed with lentils, infused with sumac and lemon, and bursting with the fragrant flavours of cardamom, coriander and the warmth of chilli.