How to make the most of your Fresh Miso

How to make the most of your Fresh Miso

Posted on 5th August 2016

Just a spoonful of miso here + there can make a massive difference to your cooking. It brings soups, sauces, salad dressings and marinades to life. And it's good for you!

But until recently, miso (a tasty paste made from fermented soya beans) was a bit of an alien ingredient for many. A traditional, popular seasoning in Japan, it's been rescuing recipes for thousands of years, and so we've decided to bring a fresh, handily potted version to the UK market.

So how do you use miso paste? And does it keep?

It's a simple equation: 1tsp miso = 1 stock cube. Think of miso as a healthier alternative to stock cubes – and use it in the same way. Where you might use stock, pop in a teaspoon of miso.

Our misos are all fresh, so they need to be kept chilled. But the good news is, they last in the fridge for 6 weeks after they’ve been opened – plenty of time to make the most of your pot.

Our miso contains probiotic bacteria which are very sensitive to heat. To maximise the health benefits of the probiotic bacteria we suggest you stir in the miso at the end of the cooking process.

Looking to get more miso into your cooking? Try it instead of:

  1. SALT. Feel something's lacking in salt, but reluctant to add it by the spoonful? Call on the miso. It's better for you (contains lots of vitamin B12 + protein) and it'll do the work with less salt.
  2. STOCK. Use it in the same way that you would a stock cube. It's got that rich savoury flavour that many soups, sauces + stews are craving.
  3. MEAT. You're making something meaty, like a stew or sauce – but it's actually vegan. Add some miso to make it taste that bit richer.
  4. PARMESAN. The thing every vegan misses. The good news is that miso stands in beautifully – no need for parmesan in your risotto, when you can add a spoonful of miso.