We’ve Gone Green!

Posted on 26th February 2018

Ecotricity is not your average energy company. They don’t just supply green energy, they make it too! It all started on a windy hill in Stroud…

In 1995, Dale Vince was living off-grid in Stroud, Gloucestershire. He’d spent a decade travelling around Britain, determined to avoid the normal life. In Stroud, however, he had the idea that if he ‘dropped back in’ to society, he could have a much greater impact.

The first step was to build a windmill – a big one. Dale spent five years building a turbine on the hill he was living on, doing everything himself from measuring the wind speed to sourcing funding. And if he could build a windmill, he could supply the green electricity to homes – for the first time ever. Ecotricity was born out of that simple idea, and without knowing it at the time, Dale kick-started the now global green energy market.

Ecotricity has continued to pioneer the green revolution, harnessing customers’ bills to build new sources of green energy – a model they call turning ‘bills into mills’. But they also have a variety of other ventures making Britain more sustainable, from the Electric Highway, Britain’s leading national network of electric vehicle charge points, to Ecotalk, their green mobile service.

Building a sustainable future isn’t just about changing how energy is made. It’s also about what people eat and how they get around. Energy, transport and food are the big three things that need to be tackled.

That’s why we’ve made the switch to Ecotricity. Choosing green energy is a massive step towards combating climate change – we have to eliminate fossil fuels if we’re to really cut the emissions that cause climate change. We know the huge difference cutting meat out of our diet makes to the planet, and we wanted to make sure that the energy we use to produce our delicious organic range is just as environmentally conscious.

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