Posted on 19th June 2019

As well as recycling your empty Tideford soup pots, why not create a buzz in the garden this summer by crafting this bee-utiful bee house fit for a queen.


• Offcuts of 12mm thick plywood, cut into the following sizes:

- 2 x 23x15cm pieces for the sides - 2 x 15x10.5cm pieces for the top + bottom - 1 x 21x10.5cm piece for the back - 1 x 15x9cm piece and 1 x 15x10cm piece for the roof

• Bamboo canes, cut into 13cm lengths

• 2 empty Tideford Soup Pots, washed + de-labelled

• Hammer + nails

• Sandpaper

• Vegan-friendly wood paint + glue


1. Start by nailing the top and bottom pieces of wood to the inside of the two side pieces to create a rectangular box. Then place the back piece into the bottom of the box you have created and nail to all four sides. This is the main body of the bee house.

2. The next step is to attach the roof. Lay the two roof pieces together on their side so that their longer edges meet at a 90° angle. Nail these two pieces of wood together making sure that the apex of the roof sits in the middle. This frame can now be placed on top of the bee house and glued together to create a roof.

3. And now for the good bit, begin by sanding down your bee house using the sandpaper to make sure there are no sharp edges and then paint all over in any colour you desire.

4. Once dry, place the empty soup pots bottom down inside the bee house and pack the bamboo canes tightly inside them.

5. Now place in a bee friendly garden and simply watch and wait!

Top tip: Try planting some wildflowers around the area that your bee house will sit in to attract more buzzing bumbles. The Soil Association have a great list of bee-friendly flowers here.