Posted on 10th April 2019

We’ve dished up two outstandingly tasty soups, packed with the finest ingredients to bring you a true taste of summer.

Creating nourishing food has always been the Tideford way + these soups are no different. Full of nutritious + summery superfoods, from protein rich peas to vitamin A-packed red peppers, these delicious recipes bring organic veggie goodness to the table.

Pea, Coconut + Turmeric Soup

An Asian take on a classic flavour makes this Pea, Coconut + Turmeric Soup ideal for warmer months, as a light lunch or evening meal.

Bursting with organic peas, it’s a great source of protein + fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer. For that extra health hit, turmeric, used in India as a medicinal herb + known for its powerful anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties, adds a subtle yet exotic twist. Coconut milk gives the soup an extra creamy yet dairy-free finish making it suitable for vegans.

Gazpacho Andaluz with Cucumber + Red Pepper

Introduce a taste of the Mediterranean summer to your table with our Gazpacho Andaluz with Cucumber + Red Pepper. Traditionally served cool + in summer when tomatoes are at their best, gazpacho is the definitive Andalusian dish.

Red pepper adds a delicate sweetness to balance the slight acidity from the tomatoes, a nutrient-dense superfood rich in vitamin A + potassium + low in calories. Refreshing cucumber, a good source of vitamin B also thought to support the body against stress + anxiety, makes this the ultimate cooling dish for body + mind.

So relax under the sultry sun, or settle on your sofa + recreate the joys of al fresco dining with us.